The Home Page of Robert Vandenberg Huang

Drummer, Software Developer, Video Game Enthusiast


A boy from Taipei City, Taiwan. Have been working on software development since graduating from junior high school. Love sharing knowledge with people, learning new things and having interaction with developer community.

I enjoy writing down my understandings as I have completed a few articles. I also have various experimental repositories at GitHub to verify my ideas.


Technical Stack

  • Web API Development with ASP.NET Web API, WCF RESTful Service and Node.js
  • Web API Client Library Development with .NET Framework and .NET Core on NuGet
  • Web Application Development with ASP.NET MVC and Express
  • Windows Service Application Development with .NET Framework



  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Event Messaging System
  • Know Your Customer



  • Developer Experience
  • Game AI
  • Caching Strategies


At Xuenn

  • The design and implementation of Salesforce and 188BET back office system integration.
  • The design and implementation of 188BET customer messaging system.
  • The design and implementation of 188BET customer messaging Web API/WCF client library.



  • The design and implementation of event messaging system for enterprise IP surveillance solution.
  • The design and implementation of event messaging WCF client library.
  • The design and implementation of third-party camera integration framework for enterprise IP surveillance solution.


I have been working on a few experimental projects that are not so relevant to my career because I have been wanting to try different fields for a while. I enjoy studying these topics and sharing my thoughts with people.


Game AI

Heuristic Suite
Heuristic Suite is an experimental implementation of a series of heuristic algorithms in generic programming. The project is aimed to provide an infrastructure that can be applied to any puzzle - as long as the puzzle can be resolved with the algorithm. The repository consists of source code and a few of examples, including classic path finding, 8-puzzle and coins flipping.



A thread-safe asynchronous producer-consumer model.



String Searching

KMP Algorithm .NET
An implementation of Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm optimized for .Net platform that can be applied to all generic collections, as long as the element is euqatable.



Snowflake Lite
A lightweight implementation of Twitter's Snowflake algorithm on .NET platform.



Most of my articles are published on CodeProject.



A Walkthrough to Implement 2048 Game
An introduction to make a simple 2048 console application in C#.


HTTP Related

Large JSON Array Streaming in ASP.NET Web API
An example about streaming large JSON array in ASP.NET Web API and HTTP chunked transfer encoding.

HTTP 206 Partial Content In Node.js
A step-by-step workthrough of HTTP 206 implementation in Node.js.

HTTP 206 Partial Content In ASP.NET Web API - Video File Streaming
A step-by-step walkthrough of implementing the HTTP 206 Partial Content.

HTTP 304 Not Modified In ASP.NET Web API
An example project about how to "manually" control HTTP caching in Web API.



A Virtualized Way to Describe the Naming Convention
A general discussion of building the naming rule for your team.

Using Morris Pratt String Searching In Byte Arrays
A short discussion of string searching in raw data.

Make Your ConfigurationElementCollection Type-Explicit
A short tip about how to enhance type definition of your ConfigurationElementCollection.


I started learning and playing drums since 11. I also have certain skills of playing various Afro-Cuban percussions which are self-taught. Jazz music and video game music from Mario and Pokemon series are my favorite. One of my life goals is to play drums/percussion and make a video in every workplace that I have stayed.